Router Release Notes

Fixes for table header context menu
Fix for bug when deleting points
Smaller footprint on disk
Improved window title bar
Append routes
Clear lap information
Fix for potential crash in as-of-yet-unsaved routes
Improved date parsing in TCX & GPX files
Improved feedback prompt
Graph view removed if route has no properties to display
Fix for crash when opening info popover for untitled documents
Don't modify map viewframe after deleting points
Fix for potential crasher in TCX files with power data but no timestamps
Delete points from the middle of GPX routes
Export OSM data
Improved handling of moving time in graph view
Fix for potential crash when loading some routes
Initial support of OSM routes
Improved route cropping and deletion of points at start & end of routes
FIT export
Improved graph drawing
Tweak graph colours
Improved dark-mode support
Calories from FIT + TCX files
Normalized power calculation
More fixes for potential crashes
Fix for crash when deleting points at end of route
Validate "Show POI" in graph context menu
Gear icon & context menu in popover
ZWO file support
Fix for showing user location in doc
Graph background changes after switching between light & dark themes
Cursor when entire route is selected is no longer a hand
Validation fixes for select menu
Quicklook works when info popover open & closed
Fix for graph view drawing for routes with no distance or time
Privacy policy sheet resizes to fit welcome window
Welcome window keyboard shortcuts
Split segment in info popover disabled when not relevant
Fix for show info on document open
Internet Access Policy plist included in resources
Fix for map style toolbar item
Double-clicking in table-view reveals popover
Double-clicking location row in popover opens point in external map
Preference for popover on route open
Quicklook toolbar item
Map toolbar item has dropdown menu
Icon tweaks
Welcome window is now resizable
More recents displayed in welcome window
Various other welcome window tweaks
Info popover visible when document opens
Location-less routes/workouts default to time for x-axis
Go to distance
QuickLook in welcome window
Fixed exif sample
Tweaked contents of single-column copy from tableview
Go to time
Don't include elevation loss in route properties if it's approximately the inverse value as elevation gain
Centre route / centre selection menu commands no longer modified based on presence of selection
Distance/time extenders select correct intervals again
Remember graph x-axis across launches
Localized string for center selection menu command
Parse GPX waypoint descriptions
Info popover tab defaults to selection if selection exists
Draw selection when super narrow
Add menu item for deleting table column when selected
Display point # in cursor if no time or distance
"Copy Point" & "Crop to Selection" menu items disabled when column is selected
Lap + split toolbar popup menu tweaks
# of points in popover selection properties
Multiple paths in graph
Selection handles in graph view
Fix for start location of route when first trackpoints don't contain location date
Improved interface responsiveness when no range selected
Improved popover title when lap is selected
Icon for select context menu
View info menu items
Laps in info popover
Go to point
Fix for point's lap # in popover
Fixed bug when selecting lap
Improve selection title in popover
Popover has separate segment for point info
Fix for potential crash after closing popover
Up & down arrows move selection even when tableview is collapsed
Fix for potential crash(es) when closing a document
Menu icons
Alt + arrows moves selection by 10 trackpoints
Improved menu validation
Improved responsiveness between graph & map
POI icons in graph respect selected range
When POI selected, touchbar item reflects icon for the selected point
Selections have been completely rejiggered: display selected point while a range is also selected
Context menu in welcome window open map URL from EXIF & LOC files
Properly handle FIT files with missing distance values
Improved graph drawing in light & dark mode
Improved selection state of lap menu in toolbar
Improved tooltips in info popover
Icons in welcome window context menus
Crop touchbar item
Add crop to table context menu
Re-center route after toggling table visibility, if appropriate
Fixes for point-of-interest menu item tooltips
"Report an Issue..." menu & touchbar item
Context menus for thumbnails in welcome window
Don't include crop touch bar item if document isn't editable
Only include selection-relevant touchbar items when multiple points are selected
Undoing crop restores selection
Fix for POI touchbar item not always showing all POIs
Metadata included in lap menu item tooltips
If multiple points selected, Select "First Point" & "Last Point" will select first/last point of selected range
Graph, POI toolbar & touchbar item now show POIs from current selection if graph view is zoomed
More improvements to suppress multiple user location prompts/confirmations
Consolidated context menus in graph & tableview
Fix for crash on create from selection
Crop route toolbar item
Preference for showing/hiding map controls
Show all menu in table header shows up (as disabled) if all columns visible
Time ticks in graph have been tweaked
Can now delete elvation, temperature, distance, & time from routes
Display locked document alert (but only once) when clicking table column headers of a locked document
Map type toolbar item segment is unselected if document has no location
Map type segment toolbar item unselected when route has no location
Improve first-run window configuration
← and → modify document selection location
Zoom in/out icons for touchbar
Improvement to map type touchbar item
Graph axis touchbar item
Popover respects absolute/relative unit formatting
Tableview becomes first responder when visible
Fix for arrow keys sometimes not working in welcome window collection view (I think)
Map region (if centered on route) stays centered on route/selection when window resizes
Combine latitude & longitude into location column
Improvements to datatable menu & tooltips
Toolbar item for choosing graph axis
Preferences panes update window title
Deselecting points correctly removes selected polyline
"Show traffic" moved to general preferences pane
Notifications for copying info to clipboard defaults to "Banner" instead of "Alert"
"Open location in..." menu item updates default service on preference change
Preferences menu item in dock menu is selected when preferences window open
Fix labels for map type touchbar items
Graph height is remembered across launches
Improved graph drawing when zoomed into selection
Notification on copying rows from tableview & popovers
Deselect rows from popover when switching between route & selection
Fix for zoom toolbar item
Fix for TCX document icon
Laps in Golden Cheetah JSON files properly parsed
Only request location if opened route has location data
Duplicated route is created with selection from original document
Distance & time selection modifiers work with multiple selection
Edit lap menu item icon
Respect table visibility preference
Icon for "Open in Maps" menu item
Icon for "New From Selection" menu item
Improved credits in about window
Fix for crash when selecting/deleting table column
Delete time key properly
Clear selected lap
Create lap from selection
Improved date/time formatting for trackpoint timestamp
Improve delete menu title
Delete track points from table context menu
Improved graph drawing with small elevation deltas
Minimum elevation in route properties
Dragging splitview updates table visible toolbar icon
Improved graph drawing
Clear laps from route (Edit → Laps → Clear Laps)
Increased precision in polyline
Fix for selection state of lap toolbar item
Preference to sync table scroll with select
Improved KML parsing
Improved preferences window layout
Fixed bugs after (un-)minimizing windows
Improve user location handling (reduce # of dialogs)
Improved keyboard shortcuts in welcome window
Select menu overhauled
Fix keyboard shortcuts in graph view context menu
Datatable visibility is remembered
Improved graph drawing in Mojave beta
cmd-d to deselect (instead of escape)
Copy as CSV from datatable
Tweaks to preferences window & TouchBar
Preference for relative/absolute elevation & temperature data in table
Table header menu items are in same order as columns
Improved welcome window
Don't include duplicate points of interest
More precision (2 decimal points) displayed for distance table
Icon for lap & point items in select menu
Alt for lap menu items selects first point in lap
Map traffic toggle in advanced preferences
Select promoted to application menu
Improve "show my location on map"
Copy URLs via option+click on map menu items
Fixed a bug w/ selection info
Improved Mojave beta support
Elevation loss (aka: descent) calculated
Table menu icon
Copy route properties from popover table via context menu
Only prompted to confirm route reversal if/when trackpoint data will be lost
Improved popover title for selected range
Number of trackpoints in route properties
Improvements for Mojave beta
Simplify map options
Toggle welcome window w/ keyboard shortcut
Touchbar improvements
"Reveal selection in table" is alternate menu item
Points of Interest contain minimum value for elevation & temperature
Fix bug w/ toggling time column
⌘↑ goes to first point, ⌘↓ goes to last point
Keyboard shortcuts to select from here to end and start to here
Add copyright notice re: external maps in About
Add extenders in both directions
New routes from selections are properly named
Improved graph in Mojave's dark mode
Added Trailforks to maps
Point of Interest item in graph context menu
Add Flickr to maps & add menu items for all external map services
Remember document window frame
Improved elevation delta when there is a very small delta
Make latitude & longitude columns hideable
Alt click on table column menu item makes it the only visible item
Add a "Show all columns" item in table header menu if at least one column not visible
Extend distances in imperial
Popover improvements
Imperial elevation ticks
Re-organize context menu in graph view
Massive overhaul to TouchBar
Only request location from CLLocationManager if route has location
Fix for potential crash whilst saving
Welcome window no longer flashes when already open
Privacy policy in welcome window
Improved display of title in popover
Fixed FIT date parsing in non-English languages
Moving time fixes (especially with TCX files)
Menu item cleanup & validation improvements
Improved graph drawing
"Learn more" in welcome window
Fix for obscure crash when opening documents
Differentiate between elapsed time & moving time
Improvements to graph context menu
Route selection properties show in popover
Popover data automatically updated on unit preference change
Visual improvements to welcome window
Cursor in graph view
Improved elevation path drawing
Updated FIT SDK
CSV export
Modify trackpoint velocity & elevation
Remove print & share menu items
TCX serialization improvements
High Sierra
Heartrate, power, cadence, latitude & longitude values editable
TCX parsing/serializing improvements
Improvements to deleting columns/properties
Fade welcome window in & out; fade document windows out
Fix POI for single-point routes
Add welcome, help, & contact to dock menu
Extend selection by... 250m / 500m / 1km..., 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes...
Modify route title via info popover
Lock icon in info popover for non-editable routes
Close welcome window with `cmd+W`
`.loc` files are now editable
Improve handling wonky characters in route title
Better properties for single-point "routes"
Heart rate & cadence columns in table
Improvements to cadence formatting
Tooltips on info popover
Point of Interest toolbar item
Delete route property/key fixes
Average grade for route
POI menu item now under "View"
Reverse route
Delete route/trackpoint properties via table column select → delete
Thumbs in welcome window now proportional
Elevation no longer serialized as integer
Datetime parsed from JPEG & TIFF exif
JPEG (w/ EXIF) sample included in app
LOC file export (using first/only trackpoint from route)
Only update selected point map annotation if necessary
Delete toolbar item
Fix for intermittent bug when copying a route's points
Fix for zoom toolbar item image
VAMs calculated for route/selection
Toolbar item for new from selection
TIFF exif data parsed
Improved toolbar icons
Improve XML serialization
Improved GPX parsing (power + hr)
Temperature point of interest
Load welcome window thumbs in background
TouchBar for welcome window
GPX waypoints & routes are parsed
EXIF data from JPEG files parsed
Welcome window
Improve detecting if delete is allowed
Fix for location toolbar icon state
Creating new route from selection creates proper laps
Toolbar icons get a makeover
Active status for table toolbar icon
Document window size constraints
Fix info popover title
Spring cleaning
Fix lap selection in touchbar for routes with a plethora of laps
Full-size content view
Improved inspector layout
.LOC file parsing
Improved popover for route/selection inspector
Even-more-improved toolbar & touchbar icons
Toolbar item labels in customization palette
Map segmented toolbar item behaves properly after being removed/added
Table toolbar item
Tooltips & copy improvements
Table, laps, & map type touchbar items
Fix for initial table visibility
Touchbar for preferences window
Display sheet when trying to modify uneditable file type w/ checkbox to not show again
Improved touchbar icons
Fix for potential crash w/ multiple selection
Map-type segment toolbar item
Improved toolbar
New route from selection
Reveal selected rows in table
Power displayed in table
Remove buggy graphview
Compatibility with macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
Laps from Garmin & Pioneer devices are parsed
Show grade for trackpoints, when available
Fixed Pioneer distance parsing
Table columns remembered across sessions
“Zoom to Selection” is an alternate menu item for “Zoom to Route”
Remember pref of table view visibility
Maximum speed along route is displayed
Metric distance formatting improvement
Dock app menu
Fix for duplicating .DB & .FIT routes
Touchbar support
Bing Maps
Document > Save As, Revert, Rename…, Move To…, & Revert To menu items enabled
Improved Pioneer .DB parsing
Support for OpenStreetMap
Crop the beginning/end of a route through the trackpoint table
Select columns to delete trackpoint attributes (other than location/elevation)
Trackpoint table
Copy trackpoint location
Copy external map URL for tracepoint
Toolbar item to open starting pointing in Apple Maps
Even more better TCX, KML, and GPX parsing
Preference for Apple Maps or Google Maps and units of measurement (Imperial/Metric)
Improved route parsing
Support for Pioneer cycle computer routes
Icons for .fit, .gpx, .tcx, and .kml documents
Application icon
Add credits for included libraries
Initial release

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