🎨 RBGB Color Picker

… is an OS X color picker bundle that makes copying common color declarations to your clipboard a breeze. The following color declarations are supported:




Download the zip, uncompress the file , and move the RBGBColorPicker.colorPicker bundle to ~/Library/ColorPickers/. Or, copy & paste the following commands in your terminal:

rm -Rf ~/Library/ColorPickers/RBGBColorPicker.colorPicker # delete old version, if it exists
curl -O http://readmeansrun.com/code/dist/RBGBColorPicker.colorPicker.zip
unzip RBGBColorPicker.colorPicker.zip
mv RBGBColorPicker.colorPicker ~/Library/ColorPickers
rm -Rf RBGBColorPicker.colorPicker.zip __MACOSX

Version History

v1.0.5 #
Vastly improved & expanded color parsing
v1.0.4 #
CGColor parsing in text field/label
selecting hex color removes alpha component
v1.0.3 #
Fix HSLA color declaration output, add HSLA parsing to text field
Fix CGColor display in label
v1.0.2 #
Transparency support
Initial support of pasting color declarations into textfield
Add link to project’s homepage
v1.0.1 #
Add color declaration example & tooltip to popup menu title
v1.0 #
Initial release