These are not the Results You’re Searching For

Quite some time ago I made a conscious effort to begin using alternative services to Google after becoming concerned with their questionable approach to privacy and just general level of all-around creepiness. The first (and easiest) step I made was switching my browsers’ default search engines to the privacy-minded DuckDuckGo. And while DuckDuckGo’s search results are usually good enough, there are times when the search results it provides can be underwhelming. It’s only when stumbling across these lacklustre search results that I will begrudgingly call upon the internet overlord to serve my searching needs.

After getting tired of manually copying search terms from one browser tab & pasting to another (after navigating and waiting initial page load), I created a following bookmarklet to jump from DuckDuckGo search results to Google’s results with the click of a button (or a couple taps, if you’re on your phone).

Add the following link to your browser favourites: ddg → google.

… or use the following bookmarklet if you’d prefer to use Bing as your fallback search engine: ddg → bing.